Teen Esteem Workshop – Year 9

Event Details

ONL – Teen Esteem will be working with half a Year 9 rōpūcompleting a programme called "Teen-Esteem Workshop’s Year 9Confidence and Connection Workshop!"
This will take place on aTuesday and Wednesday for the full day from Term 2 week 1 thruto Term 2 Week 5. This event will take place on site at ThamesHigh School.
Student lists and days – please check KAMAR.

The order of the groups will be:
Week 1 – 9FRG (3rd and 4thMay)
Week 2 – 9MCN (10th and 11th May)
Week 3 – 9NEU (17th and18th May)
Week 4 – 9VCE (24th and 25th May)
Week 5 – Back update.