Student Leaders Create Mad Hatter’s “Wonderland” for School Ball

A committee of 34 students transformed the Thames Civic Centre into a true wonderland on 24 May for a spectacular school ball inspired by the theme “A Mad Hatter’s Ball.”  

The student committee, with the leadership of teacher Krissy Walton, devoted months of planning and hands-on hard work to achieve this stunning result.

“The students do everything from choose the theme to design the look to actually make the decorations,” said Ms. Walton. She emphasized that generous community supporters helped make the ball such a tremendous success, especially the Aeroview Garden Centre, parent volunteers and the Thames Police.

More than 200 students attended the 2014 ball.

“The students all looked incredible and behaved impeccably,” said Acting Principal Sue Baker. “Their behavior is truly a positive reflection on our community. Parents and our whole community can be very proud.”

Congratulations to Krissy Walton, the school ball committee and the many students who took part in this year’s school ball!