Senior School

Student Course Selection 2024

All option selections for 2024 for Year 9 to Year 12 students will happen early Term 4.

Details will be sent by email so that students and parents can look at the course descriptions in SchoolPoint.

Students sign in and can ‘favourite’ the courses they are interested in, ideally with caregiver input

In Week 1, Term 4 (starting Monday 9 October), students will receive advice and guidance about option selection in their whānau / rōpū and can “favourite” their choices.

This advice adds to the careers education modules for all levels that have been provided in whānau / rōpū class by our career’s advisor, Ms Donovan.

The deadline to complete option selections is Wednesday 18 October (week 2). Kaitiaki and Kaiāwhina will follow up on anyone who hasn’t made their choices by then.

The choices are important as they help work out what we offer next year. Back up options are needed as timetable clashes are always likely.


Monday 10 October  – Wednesday 18 October (Weeks 1-2)

Course Selection information for students and parents to discuss.

Students/Taiohi are encouraged to ‘favourite” the courses they are considering. (Use this link

Students/Taiohi are encouraged to seek advice about their selections with classroom teachers, Rōpū/Whānau Kaitiaki, Kaiāwhina and Parents/Caregivers/Whānau. 

Wednesday 10 October (Week 2) 

We have an opportunity for parents and caregivers to hear more about NCEA and options on Wednesday 11 October at 6.00 to 7.30 pm, held in the THS Library.

First there will be a summary of how NCEA works, including the changes that come into effect from 2024.

Following this there will be an opportunity to ask questions and get help with selecting options for next year. We will break into groups for Year 9s making option choices for the first time and those in Years 10-12 making choices for NCEA courses.

Friday 20 October (Week 2) 

Online Course Selection Closed 

Useful Links: 

Useful Information section to check requirements, advice about selections, NCEA, University Entrance, Curriculum Flowchart, Financial Guidelines and more. 

‘Student – How to Guide’ is a great place to start. 

If you feel you require more information, please contact the Rōpū/Whānau Kaitiaki to arrange a time to discuss.


Senior Course Selection 

What if I don’t know what I want to do when I leave school? 

That’s ok, it’s quite normal. Choose subjects  you like and may have seen success in before. Make sure you have a wide selection so that you have pathway options in the future. 

Why do I have to take English, Mathematics and Science (Year 11)? 

At Year 11, we believe that these subjects are essential to link through to many of the future years’ courses and careers. These make up part of the wide selection to allow you to have future pathways.

BUT if you have agreement with you parents, kaitiaki and kaiāwhina then – with advice – science can be opted out of, for another subject that is relevant.

What if I am unsure about which course to choose? 

Make sure you read the course description and also discuss this with your current teacher. Check the pathway diagram in the course details to see which of these two courses leads onto further studies that are required in your future pathways. 

I want to take three courses in Physical Education, is that Ok? 

It is great that you are wanting to be active, but this would limit your options for your future pathway within school and beyond. Choose one or two only. 

How many credits do I need for NCEA Level 1? 

Students need to achieve at least 60 credits at level 1 or above. Students must also complete the co-requisite award for Literacy and Numeracy.

See the Useful Information – NCEA details 

How many credits do I need for NCEA Level 2? 

Students need to achieve at least 60 credits at level 2 or above AND the co-requisite award for Literacy and Numeracy.

How many credits do I need for NCEA Level 3? 

Students need to achieve at least 60 credits at level 3 or above, AND the co-requisite award for Literacy and Numeracy.

Can I take a Gateway course? 

At Year 11, Gateway is not an option. At Years 12-13, Gateway is available by application. Please talk with Mrs Donovan about this if you are interested. 

What if the course I want to do is not shown in my course lists? 

You may be able to do this course through online learning, you will need to talk with Mrs Sawyer about this.

The courses available are listed in SchoolPoint.