Vision, Mission, Values, Tikanga & Te Tiriti O Waitangi

Our Vision

We grow together to achieve one’s true potential
Kia kōtahi ai te piki ake, kia ikeike rawa ki te taumata

Our Mission

To acknowledge our past – Kia mahara o neherā
To inspire our present – Kia aratakina āianei
And transform our future world – Hei waihanga ā mua

Our Values

Everyone belongs, everyone matters, everyone has potential

We build connected and collaborative relationships that acknowledge and embrace our community

We deepen our knowledge of understanding to empower learning

Our Tikanga

Respect – Ngākau Whakaute
Others – Manaaki 
earning – Akonga
Environment – Taiao
Self – Whai Ora

Te Tiriti O Waitangi

Committed to working in partnership with whānau, hapu, iwi and our community

Our Charter & Annual Plan

Our charter sets the direction for the school, reflecting the goals and aspirations our community has for their school and students for the next 3 years . It contains:

  • an introductory section – including our mission, vision and values.
  • A strategic section (strategic plan) that outlines the board’s strategic aims for the next three years. It reflects what a board is doing to make a difference for student achievement and progress, particularly for Māori and Pasifika students, and students with special education needs.
  • An annually updated section (annual plan) that identifies the board’s priorities for the coming year. It includes the board’s actions to raise student progress and achievement.
  • Every school board (as part of its governance role) needs to:
    • prepare and maintain a charter, develop the strategic aims and expected outcomes for our students.
    • send a reviewed and updated charter to the Ministry of Education every year.

2021 Thames High School Charter

Analysis of Variance

Our Analysis of Variance summarises for our community the progress the school (board) has made in achieving the aims and targets set out in our school charter.

It shows parents, families and whānau the actions taken to achieve these and how successful these actions have been for improving student achievement.

The Analysis of Variance is one of the components of the Annual Reporting requirements alongside our audited accounts.

Thames High School 2020 Analysis of Variance