Thames High School Choir Commended in Regional Competition

The 36-member Thames High School choir, Oro Voce, received a Commended Award for their performance on 6 June at The Big Sing, the New Zealand Choir Federation’s festival and competition.

This recognition represents a new stage in the evolution of the choir, which began competing only five years ago in a field where many school choirs have been competing for decades.

Music head of department Stuart Du Preez said this recognition means the choir is “now in a league where they can seriously compete at this level.” He explained: “The choir has become part of the school culture. It’s something we can be proud of and something that promotes excellence at Thames High School.”

The skills students are developing to succeed in the choir, he explained, also support their success in other areas. “The discipline that you need a choir, the sense of togetherness, the sense of working together to a common goal — those things flow over into other disciplines.”

Congratulations to Mr. Du Preez, choir director Jayne Tankersley and the talented students of Oro Voce!