Original Music and Lyrics at the Heart of School Production

The recent Thames High School production “Pot Luck” was also a world premiere of sorts: it was the first time the music, with lyrics by Head of Drama Krissy Walton and an original score by Head of Music Stuart Du Preez, was performed for the public. 

The production’s lyrics and the music were directly inspired by the experiences and talents of the students who ultimately brought it to life. The jazz and blues score, Mr. Du Preez explained, naturally complemented the script’s focus on issues facing teens in today’s world. This connection meant that both the messages and the mood of the music resonated with the students at the heart of the production.

Seeing students perform the music for an audience was “quite amazing,” said Mr. Du Preez. “And especially to see them doing it so enthusiastically — I found it very rewarding.”

Mrs. Walton has been writing lyrics for the Thames High School production for many years. This contribution is “very rare and quite incredible,” said Deputy Principal Sue Baker. This is the first time the two teachers have collaborated creatively to craft both lyrics and an original musical score. 

When it came time to perform for the community, the students wowed not only the audience but their teachers and composer as well. The students “worked very hard for a long time and it really paid off in the end,” said Mr. Du Preez.