Students Create Mural by Putting Its Message in Action

This month, we were thrilled to unveil a student mural showcasing the concepts of Positive Behaviuor for Learning: respect for others, respect for learning, respect for environment and respect for self. Student Aroha-Jean Waata-Park created the design with bold graphics and words emphasising these concepts in Te Reo Maori. Then, students from across the school picked up paintbrushes and joined Aroha-Jean in transforming a wall of the school library into a vivid mural.

The result was possible because students put the concepts of the mural into action: with collaboration and respect, they have contributed a stunning new element to our school environment. The process reflects the mural’s simple and powerful message.

Huge thanks and congratulations to Aroha-Jean, the student painters, teachers Sam Rogers and Mary Sorby and arts co-ordinator Victoria Cullen. Next time you are at school, be sure to check out the mural yourself!