New Head Students Focus on “Little Things that Make a Difference”

Head girl Madison Richards and head boy Mitchell Herbert have a clear goal for their last year at Thames High School. They have ideas and plans for “all these little things that make a difference” said Mitchell, but the overall goal is an experience that their peers will remember years from now with one word: awesome.

The two have ideas for a mix of academic and social events geared toward helping all students feel involved and accepted — and of course, having fun.

“We want to help the year nines feel more accepted and involved from the beginning,” said Mitchell. The two are starting with class visits and light-hearted competitions such as a spelling bee and dodgeball tournament.

“We have heaps of different unique people who all get along,” said Madison, adding that she hopes to promote the great opportunities available to students. “Putting your hand up and going for opportunities is really important because Thames High School does offer heaps of opportunities,” she said.  

Congratulations to this year’s head students, and watch this space as they put their plans in action.