Quiet, Welcoming & Connected: Students and Teachers React to C-Block Renovations

When students and teachers returned to school this year, they found the C-block fully renovated and even better equipped for learning.

The space has been upgraded in ways that make it both more comfortable and more practical. For example, the renovation used materials that absorb sound — so the hallways and classrooms are now significantly more quiet. The design lets in lots of natural light, and the energy-efficient light bulbs need to be replaced only after 30,000 hours of use. (That’s about 15 years!) Hallways are equipped with device lockers where students can securely store and charge a laptop computer.

“It is absolutely wonderful,” said Carolyn Green, who teaches information and communication technologies.

Students Samantha Taaka and Taylor Donald agreed. “It feels much better than it did last year. It feels more inviting,” said Samantha. “I like it, and I like how we still have our art on the walls.”