Eyes on the Ball

It’s the social highlight of the year for our senior students – the school ball.

This year’s theme was the 1920s which saw the Thames Civic Centre foyer transformed into a glamorous Great Gatsby-eqsue bar.

In recent years, Thames High School has worked hard to make the occasion all about the ball itself – not any other parties before or after. And that’s really paid off, says the Head of Drama Krissy Walton, who oversaw the event.

With ballroom dancing lessons leading up to the ball, and a beautiful sit down meal on the night, Mrs Walton says it was a real highlight to see what wonderful young adults the students have become.

Head Girl Madison Richards, who led the organising committee, said everyone had a great night, and she loved that teachers and students all got up and danced together.

As usual there’s a cast of thousands to thank. DJ Dougie got everyone dancing, and Logan West photographed the evidence. Deb and Charlie’s catering was wonderful!

In no particular order the organisers would like to shout out to the following people from whom they begged and borrowed: Thames Golf Club, Aeroview Garden Centre, the Salvation Army, Doherty’s Photography, Goldfields shopping centre, the Morrinsville Theatre. 

Thanks too to the Year 11s for waiting tables, and to all the teachers who gave their time.