Testing Times

Senior students have been hitting the books.

With prelims now over and NCEA exams getting ever closer, they’re taking their study seriously.

To help them prepare, Thames High School’s two student Academic Leaders Olivia Austen and Shawn Richards have been organising tutoring sessions.

The sessions are in the school library after school on Wednesdays. Year 13 tutors are available to help with a range of subjects, offering tips on what to study and how best to prepare.

Olivia and Shawn also ran an all-day study and tutoring session in the last school holidays. They say it was great to see so many students turn up and get serious with their school work. They’ve planned another study day during the next break, on October 9th from 9am to 3pm.  

Olivia and Shawn also want to remind students there’s a really useful section in the school library with helpful study material for NCEA exams, with fold-out notes, practice booklets, and much more.

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