The Class of 2016

Next year’s Year 9s and their families are starting to find out what they can expect from their time at Thames High School.

An open evening was held at the end of August, giving students the opportunity to look around our school, to talk to senior students and teachers, and to learn about the enrolment process. 

They were able to visit different departments and find out about what subjects are on offer.

More than a hundred students are expected to start high school in Thames next year, and Principal Dave Sim said THS puts a lot of effort into helping ease their transition from intermediate to secondary school.

He said that over the next few weeks school guidance counselor Susan McInnes and EARS students (Education and Resourcing by Students) will be visiting Year 8 classes around the district to explain how the peer support team can help them when they are starting out.

Mr Sim said there is also an orientation day for Year 8s on Thursday November 26th, when they can join classes and meet teachers and other students.

He said if students are familiar with the school and know some of the other students, it can lessen any anxiety they may be feeling about starting high school.