School App Goes Live

Thames High School has just launched its own app. 

Deputy Principal Sue Baker says it’ll mean the school can communicate more quickly and easily with students and parents.

Designed by a company that specialises in producing apps for schools, it’ll mean that important information about what’s happening at school will be immediately available, and that messages can get through quickly.

Mrs Baker says that will be really useful if school buses are affected by flooding for example; instead of spending hours on the phone, the school can send out an alert via the app.

Students can join groups to get specific alerts. They can subscribe to a group for their sports team or activity and any messages about training, games, etc will be sent straight to their device.

There are also links to the school calendar, daily notices, contacts, links to places such as the school library and school Facebook page. There is an option to let the school know if a student will be absent.

The new app works together with the existing Kamar app, meaning parents and students will easily see results, reports, timetables, etc. 

The app is free, and will work on smart phones and tablets, Android and IoS. To download the app to your phone or tablet, go to the app store on your Android or Apple device, and search ‘Thames High School’.