Supporting Learning Through Sports

Using sport to help kids learn a variety of subjects – not just PE – is the key idea behind the Sports in Education project.

Under the project, sports are incorporated across a wider section of the curriculum; such as calculating odds in a football draw for Maths, or writing an article about a school sports event for English.

It’s a programme Thames High School’s now taking part in after Head of Physical Education and Health Jenny Bloom investigated how it works in other schools around the country, and she’s super excited about it.

There’s real merit in it for engaging students, particularly boys who love sport but struggle in the classroom. We have an amazing group of core teachers from PE, English, Maths, Science and Social Studies who’re working on it, and they’re all keen to learn and share their experience to benefit the students.
Our students traditionally love PE. After having the privilege of visiting 6 of the 8 pilot schools I saw real merit in this concept for our school.  We were fortunate to be selected shortly after that and we are embracing the opportunity to improve the performance of a group of year 9 students with a propensity for learning through a games context.”