2017 THS Athletics – Timetables

On Tuesday the 21st of February, the following events will take place on the school field.  
Students who wish to participate must meet on the field, at the listed time (as shown below).  All students must wear appropriate exercise gear, you will NOT be permitted to participate in school uniform so make sure you are changed before assembling.  Students will be sent back to class as soon as their event is over.  

Period 1:

8:45 Junior Boys and Girls 3000m

9:00 Intermediate Boys & Senior Boys – competitive 3000m

9:15 Intermediate Girls & Senior Girls – Competitive 3000m

9:30 Open 3000m – non competitive – house points event

9:45 Senior Boys Javelin and Senior Girls Discus

9:45 Intermediate girls Discus

10:15 Senior Boys Discus and Senior Girls Javelin

Period 2:

11:20 Intermediate boys discus

11:20 Intermediate girls Javelin

11:20 Junior Boys Discus

11:50 Intermediate boys Javelin

11:50 Junior Girls Discus

12:20 Junior Boys & Girls Javelin

Period 3:

1:40 Senior Boys 1500m

1:55 Intermediate Boys 1500m

2:10 Senior Girls

2:30 Intermediate girls 1500m

2:45 Junior Boys 1500m

3:00 Junior Girls 1500m

Wednesday 22nd February
Full School Programme of Events

Event Number:
Time: Event: Grade:

1 9:00am 200m Junior Girls (Heats)

2 9:00am 200m Intermediate Girls (heats)

3 9:00am 200m Senior Girls (heats)

4 9:00am 200m Junior Boys (heats)

5 9:00am 200m Intermediate Boys (heats)

6 9:00am 200m Senior Boys (heats)

7 9:00am Triple Jump (Pit B) Junior Boys

8 9:00am Shot Put Intermediate Boys

9 9:00am Long Jump (Pit A) Senior Boys

10 9:00am Vortex Throw Junior Girls

11 9:00am High Jump Intermediate Girls

Senior Girls (Support House)

12 9:50am 800m Junior Girls (Heats)

13 9:50am 800m Intermediate Girls (Heats)

14 9:50am 800m Senior Girls (Heats)

15 9:50am 800m Junior Boys (Heats)

16 9:50am 800m Intermediate Boys (heats)

17 9:50am 800m Senior Boys (Heats

18 10:15am Shot Put Junior Boys

19 10:15am Long Jump  (Pit A) Intermediate Boys

20 10:15am Vortex Throw Senior Boys

21 10:15am Triple Jump (Pit B) Junior Girls

22 10:15am High Jump Senior Girls

Intermediate Girls (Support House)

23 10:20am 200m Junior Girls (Final)

24 10:20am 200m Intermediate Girls (Final)

25 10:20am 200m Senior Girls (Final)

26 10:20am 200m Junior Boys (Final)

27 10:20am 200m Intermediate Boys (Final)

28 10:20am 200m Senior Boys (Final)

29 11:00am High Jump Junior Boys

30 11:00am Triple Jump (Pit B) Senior Boys

31 11:00am Shot Put Junior Girls

32 11:00am Long Jump (Pit A) Intermediate Girls

33 11:00am Vortex Throw Senior Girls

Intermediate Boys (Support House)

34 11:05am 300m Junior Girls (Timed Final)

35 11:05am 300m Junior Boys (Timed Final)

36 11:15am 400m Intermediate Girls (Timed Final)

37 11:15am 400m Senior Girls (Timed Final)

38 11:15am 400m Intermediate Boys (Timed Final)

39 11:15am 400m Senior Boys (Timed Final)


40 12:30pm Vortex Throw Junior Boys

41 12:30pm High Jump Intermediate Boys

42 12:30pm Long Jump (Pit A) Junior Girls

43 12:30pm Shot Put Intermediate Girls

44 12:30pm Triple Jump (Pit B) Senior Girls

Senior Boys (Support House)

45 12:35pm 100m Junior Girls (Heats)

46 12:35pm 100m Intermediate Girls (Heats)

47 12:35pm 100m Senior Girls (Heats)

48 12:35pm 100m Junior Boys (Heats)

49 12:35pm 100m Intermediate Boys(Heats)

50 12:35pm 100m Senior Boys (Heats)

51 1:15pm Long Jump (Pit A) Junior Boys

52 1:15pm Vortex Throw Intermediate Boys

53 1:15pm High Jump Senior Boys

54 1:15pm Triple Jump (Pit B) Intermediate Boys

55 1:15pm Shot Put Senior Girls

Junior Girls (Support House)

56 2:00pm Triple Jump (Pit B) Intermediate Boys

57 2:00pm Long Jump (Pit A) Senior Girls

58 2:00pm High Jump Junior Girls

59 2:00pm Vortex Throw Intermediate Girls

60 2:00pm Shot Put Senior Boys

Junior Boys (Support House)

61 2:05pm 100m Junior Girls (Final)

62 2:05pm 100m Intermediate Girls (Final)

63 2:05pm 100m Senior Girls (Final)

64 2:05pm 100m Junior Boys (Final)

65 2:05pm 100m Intermediate Boys (Final)

66 2:05pm 100m Senior Boys (Final)

67 2:50pm Inter-house Relay 12 x 100m

4 x Juniors (2 x girls 2 x boys)

4 x Intermediates (2 x girls 2 x boys)

4 x Seniors (2x girls 2 x boys) Each runner completes 100m – Total 3 laps of track

68 Staff vs Yr 13’s

69 3:10pm Final House Points and clean up.