Eva Hammond Scholarship Trust Award


Any past student who is about to commence a course of tertiary education including students who are within 6 months of leaving the school for that purpose.

Purpose of Award:

To give financial assistance to past students, or as above, of the school in respect of any recognised course of tertiary education but with priority given to University education wherever possible.  The assistance should benefit students on a basis of financial need and such other deserving qualities as the Trustees may elect.

Application form available from the Principal’s PA – Ph: (07) 868 8688  or email: office@thameshigh.school.nz

Applications to:  The Principal, Thames High School, P O Box 706, Thames, 3540

a)      The closing date for applications is Friday 27th October, 2017 at 4pm.

b)      Written applications only are acceptable.

c)      All information is confidential to the selection committee.