X-Country Makeover a Success

This years cross country was given a make over and renamed the amazing race. There was challenge stations set up to along the course from the Tongue Twisters to Human Pyramids and  the Tyre Roll to finish off. Every student that took part enjoyed themselves and all finished with a smile on their face. Even the rain didn’t put them off.

THS 2019 X-Country Results – Competitive

Junior Boys 1st:  Harry Oxford
2nd: Hunter Rodgers
3rd:  Mason Davies
Junior Girls 1st:  Lyssy Davy
2nd:  Sienna Hall
3rd:  Heather Underwood
Intermediate Boys 1st:  Clark Veal
2nd:  Bradley Sayer
3rd:  Theodore Holden
Intermediate Girls 1st:  Faith Wilson
2nd:  Country Rohrlach
3rd:  Jade Palethorpe
Senior Boys 1st:  Ryan Danby
2nd:  Ethan Taylor-Evans
3rd:  Kalani Weir
Senior Girls 1st:  Tegan Foster
2nd:  Angela Napier
3rd:  Rebecca Clarke

2019 House Points

Dorrington 1st 215 pts
Hoult 2nd 194 pts
Rudman 3rd 188 pts
Adams 4th 152 pts