Thames Valley Cross Country Results


Congratulation to our 13 Student that competed in the Thames Valley Cross Country on Thursday the 30th of May. It was a very challenging course with a lot of up hill climbs and slippery down hill slides, all while trying to skip over the prickles and make it through the creek without falling over.

Results as follows

Year 9 Boys

Harry Oxford 10th

Hunter Rodgers 17th

Junior Girls

Sienna Hall 9th

Faith Wilson 14th

Heather Underwood 15th

Jade Palethorpe 19th

Junior Boys

Mason Davies 29th

Senior Girls

Angela Napier 7th

Senior Boys

Ryan Danby 3rd

Kalani Weir 7th

Brad Sayer 12th

Theo Holden 14th

Ethan Taylor-Evans Unable to finish due to injury.


A small group of 5 then went through to compete at Waikato Bay of Plenty Cross Country on Wednesday the 5th of June, which was a very cold, very wet day and the course was flat with a few horse jumps.

Results as follows

Year 9 Boys

Harry Oxford 26th

Junior Girls

Sienna Hall 29th

Faith Wilson 34th

Heather Underwood 35th

Senior Boys

Ryan Danby 12th