Spirit of Adventure Scholarship Opportunity

Thames High School has been selected for a Scholarship opportunity* – Book online using the link below and see Yana at the school office for more scholarship information. A fantastic opportunity – Go For It!

Recently, The Potter Masonic Trust has agreed to helping support fully paid berths to deserving students residing within the old Auckland Provincial area. Your school has been selected to offer these scholarships to.

The voyages eligible to use these scholarships are for 16-18 year olds –
2nd July (Male only)
12th July
7th September (Male only)

If you have any students that a voyage would not be an option because financially would not be able to afford the $2500 cost AND they would like take this opportunity, please let me know ASAP as we are hoping to finalise the July school holidays shortly.

We believe this funding should go to a deserving student who shows potential but may have had a hard time lately and could use a confidence boost. The successful student will be required to complete scholarship paperwork to prove that payment is not otherwise possible.

*This offer is only valid until the ship is full and/or the scholarships have been awarded. I look forward to working with you to get someone on board.

Warm regards,
Julia Bryant 021 55 44 53

SOA Funding Scholarship Application 2018