Team/Group Photos – Monday 12 August

Please be at the Hall before your scheduled photo in correct school uniform or your Team uniform if you have been instructed to do so.

8.45 P1 StartsNetball 9A10.50STAFF
8.50Netball 10A10.55 P2 Start:Football Junior Girls
8.55Netball  Blue11.00Football Junior Boys
9.00Netball  Gold11.05Football Senior Girls
9.05Netball Development11.10Football Senior Boys
9.10Netball Senior A11.15Football Tournament Girls
9.15International Students11.20Football Tournament Boys
9.20Volleyball Girls11.25Football Tournament Boys & Girls
9.25Volleyball Boys11.30Adventure Race Team
9.30TVSS Lawn Bowls11.35Basketball Junior Girls
9.35THS U15 Rugby11.40Basketball Junior Boys
9.40THS First XV Rugby11.45Basketball Senior Girls
9.45THS Cricket Boys11.50Basketball Senior Boys
9.50THS Cricket Girls11.55TVSS Swimming Team
9.55TV Athletics12.00Wai/BOP Swimming Team
10.00WAI/BOP Athletics12.05NZSS Swimming Team
10.05TVSS Junior & Senior Badminton12.10TVSS Junior Girls Touch Team
TVSS Junior Boys Touch Team
TVSS Senior Mixed Touch Team
10.10Waikato Badminton12.15THS Senior Mixed Team
10.15THS Hockey Girls12.20Waikato Tennis Girls
10.20THS Golf Team12.25THS Equestrian Team
10.25Squash12.30WAI SS Gymsport Team
10.30Interval12.35TVSS Triathlon
10.35Interval12.40WAI/BOP Triathlon
10.40Interval12.45THS Hillary Team
12.50 Get2Go Team 


Kiaido Ryu Team 

1.00 – 1.35. Lunch

1.40 P3 StartsTVSS Surfing2.25Band
1.45TV Cross Country2.30Chess Team
1.50NZSS Cross Country2.3548hour film festival group
1.55Debators/Mooters (10 students)2.40EARS
2.00Year 13’s2.45Te Puna o Te Pito Mata Kapa Haka
2.05Head Students 2.50Guitar Ensemble
2.10House Leaders 2.55Jazz Band
2.15Ball Committee 3.00SADD
2.20Student Council