Loves Me Not

On Friday 16 August we will be running a ‘She-Loves-me-Not’ programme for all Year 12 students here at Thames High School. The students will be split into 4 groups, each of which will be with a teacher, a police officer and a support worker who will collaboratively deliver the programme. The support workers are drawn from Thames Youth Centre, Hauraki Family Violence Intervention Network and Te Korowai Hauora O Hauraki. Susan McInnes our Guidance Counsellor will be available to work with any students requiring her support.

Loves-Me-Not is a ‘whole-school approach’ to prevent abusive behaviour in relationships. It is based on a student inquiry learning process, where students take action (personal action, effective bystander action and community action) to prevent harm from relationship abuse. Loves-Me-Not is designed for Year 12 students as the appropriate age to discuss relationship abuse and to start to take action for change.

If you have any queries regarding this programme please contact me at school or via email: