What’s this Catch Up day all about?

Last day of Term 1, 2 and 3 we offer a “Catch Up Day”. It’s just that, a chance for students to get ahead or catch up on their learning.

Some students are required to come along and complete their learning they may have missed out on due to absence from school or they may just need some more time or assistance. Many students come along by their own choice to work one to one with their teachers, make use of the resources available, get ahead on their assessments or maybe take the time to resubmit work to gain a better grade.

These are comments from some senior students regarding catch up day:

  • “Catch up day is great. We are able to focus in on the class we need to and get what needs to be done finished.”
  • “I come in voluntarily because I feel like I get a lot of work done.”
  • “Get to one on one time with teachers, asking questions and getting more direct help.”
  • “I come to catch up day because I’m able to work on one assessment until it’s done. I tend to find that the freedom is good and being responsible for myself and managing how I’m going to structure my day.”
  • ‘Having the entire day where I can work towards my assessments has given me benefits of usually gaining about 7 credits worth of internals each catch up day.”

It doesn’t matter what the reason is that students come to catch up day. We value their dedication to improve their learning, taking ownership of their learning and reducing their stress. By the end of the day both students and staff are exhausted and definitely deserve a break.

Are you going to put your education first this catch up day?