” …You guys are geniuses!” – James Elder

Authentic Learning for an Authentic Reason

James Elder, the International Department Director, is always looking for unique, locally made gifts to take with him when he travels overseas to visit the schools that are interested in sending students to study with us. This term the Kiwiana DigiArt authentic learning project was to design and create a gift bag with handmade art with a Kiwiana twist. Students used a range of skills, looking at composition, drawing, printmaking, painting and PhotoShop. We also discussed the cost of producing the gift and how time is money. 

James has just returned from a 10 day visit to Japan and where he offered our Kiwiana DigiArt Kete as a gift to Principals he met with.  “They loved the kete … you guys are geniuses”, James messaged back after his last meeting.

This is so awesome to see our students work used in this way, James will be rewarding this class in the last week of school, and encouraging them to continue to make gifts he is able to take with him on his travels.