Direction Day

Direction Day is  Monday 9 March (9:00am-6:30pm).   All students, along with their parents/caregivers, are invited to attend a hui with their whānau/rōpū kaitiaki (teacher). There will be no timetabled classes for students on this day. Students are only expected to come into school for their appointment (no school uniform is required). Buses will run as usual.

The purpose of the meeting is to check student progress and courses to date, confirm student goals and aspirations for the year (and the future) and look at possible career and academic direction (for seniors). This is also a good opportunity to share any important information about your child.  Students will have a role in leading the meeting.

We believe that this is a very important interview for parents/caregivers and students to attend. Each interview will be no more than 15 minutes long.

Interviews with subject teachers are not available on these days. If you wish to meet with a subject teacher outside of this time, please contact them by email to organise this.

Bookings can be made online. An email has been sent with log in details and instructions. Please note that interviews can also be booked by contacting the school office 8688688.

Ms Fletcher (H4) is unavailable on Direction Day, but please contact her to make another time.

Debbie Driver, Careers Advisor will be available for appointments after 2pm.  Students should make an appointment to see their whānau teacher first.

If you cannot make an interview on this day because of other commitments, please arrange a time with your whānau/rōpū kaitiaki(teacher). We are looking forward to 100% attendance.