It’s all about chickens

One of the most popular HIP options this year has been the “It’s all about Chickens”.  Science teacher, Miss Williams had chickens at home and decided that students could develop an interest in science through research and investigation of  growing a chicken from an embryo.

Students learnt how to raise and care for a pet chicken starting from a fertilised egg. Even though lockdown got in the way, after 4 months of putting our learning into practice we have happy, healthy chicks. Alongside this learning, one student made a meal worm farm and was really excited to share his learning with the class.

“At various times during the egg incubation, we were able to see the development of the chick embryo which I think the students found fascinating. They enjoyed learning about how to care for the chicks and developed their research skills on various aspects of chicken care, breeds and history of chickens” – Miss Williams

Note: Photos were taken on a student mufti day