LOVE HURTS – shows the talent

This year we farewell an extremely talented group of thespians with their final performance in the play:

LOVE HURTS by Allen Paora-Quirk

As their drama teacher I am very proud of the work they have done and the talent they have brought to the drama programme.  I am also grateful for the dedication provided by a group of great Year 11 students who worked on lighting and stage management.

I am incredibly grateful for the work done by our wonderful stage manager, Lania Taylor, who took a lot of the load off my shoulders. A big thank you to Oliver O’Neill on sound and Graeme Hodgson on lighting.  I would like to take the opportunity to thank Sam Oxford who was the Technical Supervisor on this, his last drama production for THS.  Sam has put in a tremendous amount of work for the Drama Department and the school over his time here and he will be sorely missed. We wish Graeme all the best in filling his shoes.

Thank you to everyone involved:

Harriet Marshall, Amelie Ballantyne, Leendert Poortier, Taine Stewart, Mackenzie Ayrton, Alan Wheater, Nhu Quynh Dang, Dannielle Scholson, Roimata Reidy. (Also Emma Irons, who was not able to attend).

Technical Staff:
Sam Oxford (Technical supervisor), Graeme Hodgson (Lighting), Lania Taylor (Stage Manager), Oliver O’Neill (Sound), Ava Leatham (Make-up and Costumes).

Henno Binedell, Ava Leatham, Delilah Ballantyne, Alaska Prayoncorn, Ella Liddell, Grace Wood

Please enjoy some photos from the show.


The show began with a scary little ballerina


A big thanks to the singing talents of Nhu Quynh

The acting was so believable we waited every performance for a real baby to be born on stage.

Do not get the THS girls angry!


Oh no, school leaders fighting!
Oh no, Head Boy fighting again.


But really, our Year 13s are a great lot. Here is Harriet helping Taine with his homework.

They can dance too.
Uh, Oh!


And, a massive thanks to Roimata for stepping in at the very last minute to so expertly provide her incredible energy and talent.