Thames Community Centre – Drive and Volunteer Project

Get your driver’s license without the test fees and lesson costs.

Alana McKee and Te Marama Anderson-Whakahoehoe have both had the opportunity to sit their licenses and received regular practice drives in the Valley Toyota hybrid alongside the Thames Community Centre mentors.

Through this Thames Community Centre initiative, students at Thames High School have the option of sitting both their learners and restricted license, receiving lessons and practice sessions at no cost.  As part of the plan, students are required to give some of their time in exchange, and work as volunteers, giving back to the community.  This is a great opportunity to 

connect with others, earn credits and  get a great qualification.

The centre helps people in Thames get every level of car license and help place those volunteers in lots of different community organisations.  Other drivers involved have helped out at the community gardens, the High School, Solarpunk, Thames Music and Drama, Op Shops, SPCA and at the Centre too.

Students who are interested in obtaining their license please contact the Careers Advisor, Mrs Donovan