International Women’s Day Breakfast

The International Women’s Day breakfast was an honour to be invited to. The breakfast included three inspirational women speakers, Kirsten Fisher-Masters (Swimmer), Eimear Richardson (Cricketer) and Georgia Tong (Netballer), talking about their experiences in achieving their goals in life as women. One thing that I enjoyed was being able to listen to such inspirational speakers talk about their personal experiences and being able to share this experience with Izzy Fox, Alana McKee and Ella Liddell. The conversation over breakfast was inspiring to hear as a young woman and it was a great opportunity to listen to three dedicated women talk about their lives. 

The discussion between the three women was moving as we were able to see how they pushed through barriers and were still able to achieve their goals. It made it very touching that all three of them were in the same room (Georgia Tong was on zoom) as us, and were able to open up and tell us about their personal experiences. This made all the information they talked about very beneficial as a young woman. It made me begin to realise that no matter how hard something is, you are still able to do it if you want to achieve your goal. All three of the girls talked about how at some point of their life they had experienced barriers such as: not being selected for teams, had distance barriers or were treated unequally due to their gender, their response to these problems was to keep going, find a way to do what you need to and keep pushing yourself as you will get the results that you want as long as you work for them. This was a powerful message to bring away from the breakfast as all four of us can think about this knowing that other people have been through tough situations and still achieved their goals due to hardwork and dedication.

Something that I have taken from this opportunity is that no matter how many times you do not achieve your goals, do not give up. If you give up it is evident that you will not achieve your goals but if you use your experience in failing to improve and work harder in the future there will be a higher chance to achieve what you are working towards. 

Thank you to Whaea Maria for making this happen and taking our group, without her org anisation and time we would not have been able to attend the event. 

Nicole Reid (Head Girl)