Headz Up Leaders Day 2022

On Wednesday the 11th of May I was privileged to be a part of the Headz Up Leadership Day held in Paeroa. I was able to share this privilege with Luke Steward (Head Boy), Graeme Hodgson (Deputy Head Boy) and Izzy Fox (Deputy Head Girl). The day included a range of activities to improve our leadership and come together to work with other leaders from the Thames Valley.  It was beneficial for us as we now have an enhanced foundation and idea of how to be better leaders for our school. Another positive from the day was that we were able to connect with leaders from several other schools in the Thames Valley. This allowed us to be able to share our ideas and form new ideas to improve our school.

During the leadership day we were fortunate to have Kirsty Bailey, a Hillary Scholar at Waikato University,   give a presentation on how her life transformed from athletics to leadership. This was a very inspirational speech for us – one part that stuck with me was ‘to get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.’  This quote resonated with me as it has made me come to the realisation that if you want to get something out of life you have to continue to push yourself into doing things that may be difficult but in the end you will achieve your goal.

Overall the Headz Up Leadership Day was very beneficial for us as Senior Leaders and we will be using some of these new ideas within the school. Thank you to Mrs Keet for organising and taking us on the trip.

Nicole Reid (Head Girl)