Junior Examinations

This year we are holding Junior Examinations to help prepare students for NCEA to be part of an exam setting and to complete assessments under exam conditions.  Junior examinations are to be held on Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 of November.  There will be three exams over the two days for Science, English and Mathematics. Exams are 90 minutes long and will be held in the school hall for Year 10’s and in classrooms for Year 9’s.  Taiohi/students with Special Assessment Conditions (SAC) will have access to separate accommodation and a Teacher Aide if eligible.

Junior Exam Timetable

Please note that there will be different times for each period on Tuesday, whereas Monday will follow the regular school schedule. F or each exam taiohi/students will need a pen and paper. A calculator is also needed for the Science and Mathematics exams, however, each department has an allocation of calculators for students.