Danby Field Flooding

Recently there has been a lot of rain that has resulted in areas of Danby Field being flooded (west side, by the pathway). We acknowledge and appreciate that the flooding has caused concern.
The issue has been caused by the combination of the heavy and frequent rain, the low lying land and the failure of two pumps.  With the low lying land, relative to the water level of the estuary, water does not drain away. In order to address this issue our property managers hired a pump and that helped remove the pool. More heavy rain has made the problem return.  Unfortunately, the external pump has also had operational issues which we have had difficulty resolving. As of Friday 25 November, the portable pump was expected to operate again to remove the water to the estuary.
We have resolved to replace the underwater pumps, seeking quotes and getting the job booked as soon as practicable.
We will continue to monitor this matter and again encourage people to stay away from the flooded area.