Year 13 Camp – Where memories were made!

On the 8th of March the Year 13 rōpū got the amazing opportunity to spend three days at the Tainui campground at Waharau Regional Park. Immediately after we arrived at the campsite we were given time to familiarise ourselves with the camping ground before delving into the team activities set for us. Year 13 is a precious year for all of us, our last chance for memories before we go our own ways – a big thanks to the time and planning the teachers put in for us. I can firmly say that this was already a highlight of our year.

Team bonding activities were very clearly highlighted as the focus of the camp. On Day 1 we were split into four groups, named after the mountains Moehau, Tabletop, Pinnacles, and Te Aroha. Our next few days were to be spent bonding in this specific group. Although the time was short, many memories were made on the camp doing lots of activities such as the Burma trail, scavenger hunt, as well the skit night, which all were fond experiences. Since day one we were told that everything counts, being the competitive bunch that we were, this obviously stood out to us, all the games were competitive and made it exciting mainly due to that factor.

Even during the downtime we had our hands full, running our own volleyball, touch, or even just passing a ball to each other, it was overall just a lively and collected vibe all along. Night times were cosy and adventurous, filled with either a full blown game of spotlight, watching the stars and spotting constellations, or just chatting away with our friends.

Little did we know, the final night was here, this long awaited Year 13 camp was ending before our eyes. But as expected, it was a night worth remembering with each group’s planned skit presentation, a talent show, and we were even surprised by Mr Hart’s unexpected presence! It was overall a special time to have together, which is why I’m sure we’re all extremely grateful to the teachers for, with everything kept interesting and a surprise as well as the variety of activities that we did (not sure if I’ll ever witness Millar dressed up in a two piece toilet paper dress and a braid ever again in my life).

It was a great time to chill out and have fun with our friends in one space outside of school, especially after the busy start to the year we have all had. I’d like to make a big thankyou on behalf of all the Year 13’s to Ms Slee for organising the camp and to Ms Fletcher, Mr Rogers, Mrs Emery and Whaea Ra for giving up their time to come out and make it a camp to remember!

By Daniel Chen & Jess Sara