Pānui Update – Term 2 – 21 April 2023

Kia ora e te whānau

I do trust the school holiday break has been enjoyable and we are looking forward to return to school on Wednesday 26 April, as we have a teacher-only day on Monday 24 April, and ANZAC Day is on Tuesday 25 April.
We advised of this, and other key information, in our last pānui (newsletter) at the end of last term (6 April; click here)

Many thanks for the preparation for a new school term, updating any uniform (winter uniform). If we can help with the provision of uniform, then please contact Cheryl Jordan at Student Services (studentservices@thameshigh.school.nz), where we can help with either donated uniform or uniform purchased with our equity fund. Many thanks to those who donate uniform items in good condition for the benefit of those in need.

Students are invited to join our senior student leaders in the ANZAC Parade at 10 am on Tuesday 25 April – the parade starts near the intersection of Pollen and Sealey Streets, to the Civic Centre for the remembrance service where Millar Morton (head student) will give one of the speeches. It is an important time to remember and be thankful to those in our armed services, both past and present.

Industrial Action
While hopeful that the mediated negotiations between the Ministry of Education and the secondary teachers’ union, the PPTA, will go well and lead to a settlement, we must also be prepared for potential disruptions in Term Two. For more information  – RNZ News Item (19 April)

Industrial action is set to continue from the start of the term, with the continuation of the ban on covering classes of absent teachers, and a new ban on meetings after 4.20 pm.
As advised last term, the bans may – if there are significant absences, and we do not have sufficient relief teachers – result in a need to have combined supervised classes, or in the worst case mean we have a year level needing to stay at home. The ban on meetings after hours may also mean that some events will need to be reconsidered.

Possible industrial action:
For advance notice, the PPTA also indicated the following potential actions:

  • a rostering home plan – or a refusal to teach different year levels – starting in week 2 (see below)
  • national rolling strikes in week three. PPTA will confirm three days before any strike, but the date proposed for our area is Thursday 11 May.

These proposed actions will be disruptive, and hopefully will be avoided with a settlement.

Potential ‘rostering home’
Week 2 Thursday 4 May – Year 11
Week 3 Tuesday 9 May – Year 12; Thursday 11 May – Year 13
Week 4 Tuesday 16 May – Year 9; Wednesday 17 May – Year 10
Then the plan continues from week 5, but we will advise if that comes to pass.

Once again we look forward to seeing everyone back on Wednesday 26 April, ready for another great term.

Ngā manaakitanga

Michael Hart