2023 Sky Tower Challenge by Daniel Palmer

“The Firefighters Skytower Challenge was an awesome experience to be a part of.”

I didn’t realise how much more involved the one-day event really was. It was much more than just getting to the top of the Skytower in all our firefighting gear. It was the early morning training and all the fundraising we were doing in the months leading up to the challenge. The excitement and nerves were running high on the day and when we were finally on that start line watching that timer countdown it felt so surreal.


I remember standing there with Millar thinking about all the training we put in and [thinking] that now it was time to go hard. It was definitely much tougher than we initially thought and I will admit it did humble us but then again it wouldn’t have been any good if it wasn’t a challenge. We smashed it though, getting to the top in fifteen minutes and seeing all our hard work had paid off was awesome.


Now that we know what to expect, we’re that much more keen to do it all again next year and training twice as hard to beat our time.

I also wanted to mention that we were extremely stoked about how much support [that was] given by the community and that we want to say a huge thank you to everyone for donating to the cause.


[When this post was published Daniel and THS Head Boy Millar Morton, along with the Thames Fire Brigade, had raised a total of $7,469. This will go towards Kiwis living with blood cancer]

Its not too late to donate to their cause still. Click the link below to donate.


Heres what the boys managed to raise individually