Bush Survival Camp

At the Lower Mangatawhiri Campsite in the Hunua Ranges.

Ms Slee and Mr Baverstock took twelve Year 13 Outdoor Education students camping for a night to complete their bush survival assessment.

While there, an Auckland Council Park Ranger gave the students an opportunity to learn how to plant trees in the area which was a very rewarding experience. The students then spent a couple of hours making bivouacs to sleep in. They were allowed to use a rope, tarpaulin and any natural resource they could gather. They did an excellent job constructing their bivouacs and despite rain falling during the night, students were both warm and dry as the bivouacs were completely watertight.

“The bush was wet and muddy which meant our main focus whilst making our bivouacs was warmth and dryness. Our biggest challenges were getting our huts completely finished and set up before the sun went down. All four of our huts were completely different, yet all groups stayed dry and warm overnight. We arrived home covered in mud, but all had a very positive experience” -Head Girl Kyla Wilson

It was an awesome experience for everyone involved.