Year 12 tramping trip to the Pinnacles

On Wednesday 23 August, the Year 12 Outdoor Education class embarked on an unforgettable tramping trip to the Pinnacles in the Kauaeranga Valley.

The weather was absolutely superb, and we couldn’t have asked for better conditions. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have such a breathtaking natural wonder right in our own backyard.

For many of the students, this was their first time venturing to the Pinnacles and staying overnight in a tramping hut, making the experience all the more remarkable. The hike itself was challenging yet rewarding, as we navigated swing bridges, and ascended steep slopes. The sense of accomplishment and camaraderie among the students was evident.

After an early morning wake-up and wrapped in our thermals and beanies, we were rewarded with stunning views of the sunrise at the Pinnacles summit.

For the ten international students from Japan and Germany, this was an opportunity to immerse themselves in the stunning landscapes of our country and experience the wonders of outdoor exploration. 

Overall, the tramping trip to the Pinnacles was an amazing experience that will be cherished by all who participated. It served as a reminder of the natural treasures we have access to and the transformative power of outdoor education. We are grateful for the opportunity to create lasting memories and inspire a love for nature and adventure in our students, both local and international. 

-Pauline Managh

International Student Manager