General Information

Attendance & Absences

All students must attend on every day the school is open. Absence for illness or other unexpected causes must be explained by the parent or caregiver either by note, text or by phone call. All absences known in advance must be approved by the Principal in advance. A period by period attendance check is carried out every day.

To report an absence either:

  • Send a text to 3255. Start your message with thsc and then a space. Remember to state your student name (first and last), year group and the reason for the absence. You will receive an automatic response.
  • Phone the school on 07 868 8688. You can leave a message with the office.
  • Send a note to your student’s Rōpū/Whānau Kaitiaki (Teacher) prior to the absence (if the absence is anticipated).
  • Email

No matter how you contact us, please make sure you let us know: the students name, year level and the reason they are not at school.

Parent/Student Portal

The Thames High School Parent Portal allows parents and students to access parts of the school database through an internet portal. You will be able to see the school calendar showing upcoming events, the daily notices, archived reports, attendance (live data), timetables, fees and assessment results. Please note that you will ONLY be able to see the data for YOUR student. If you have more than one student attending the school you will be given a login and password for EACH student. Students will be given their own password for this system.  You can access the Portal here.


Homework is necessary for all high school students to ensure success in their studies. It is hoped parents/ caregivers will provide a supportive role in ensuring homework requirements are met.


Students living at a distance of over 5 kilometres from the school may be entitled to free travel on the school buses provided to their nearest school. Buses cover five routes – Tapu, Puriri, Tairua, Pauanui and Kauaeranga.

Motor Transport

The school is responsible for students both at school and between home and school. Parents’ notes must support any students travelling by private car or motorcycle, whether they are driving or passengers. This privilege may be withdrawn for at least a term if abused. A record of the type of vehicle, registration and licence details is required by the school at the beginning of each year. This is processed on a term by term basis. Permission to bring a vehicle to school must be obtained from the Deputy Principal.

Travel & Boarding Bursaries

Some parents now board their students in Thames if they are remote from secondary education or if certain subjects are not available at their local school. Details of travel and boarding bursaries are available from the Ministry of Education.

Student Digital Devices

Students are encouraged to bring their own digital devices to school. Digital devices suitable for learning need to have at least a 9.7” screen and be able to connect to the school Wi Fi. In the near future students will be using digital devices to access NZQA external assessments. Secure lockable and powered lockers are available free of charge around the school. Students must supply their own padlock.

Lunch Passes


Where parents/caregivers wish their student to go home for lunch or to their workplace on a regular basis, a permanent lunch pass will be issued once the school has received a written request from the parent/ caregiver. This permanent lunch pass entitles students to go only to their home or parent/caregivers workplace.

Other students may not go to the home or workplace of a parent/caregiver of a student with a permanent lunch pass unless specific permission has been obtained from their parents/caregivers and approved by the parents/caregivers of the student whose home or workplace is being visited and the school is informed in writing.


Students may go into town at lunchtimes for good reason but require a note from home. On each occasion they go into town the student/s are required to carry a lunch pass obtainable at the main office only after presentation of a signed note by a parent/caregiver giving them permission. (Going down town to buy lunch is not an appropriate reason).  The school has a canteen to provide a bought lunch.

Students are required to sign in and out of school on the tablet located at the school office and carry the printed slip with them.

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to involve themselves in all aspects of school life and are welcome to contact the school whenever they have concerns, or they wish to exchange, provide or seek information.

A link to the school newsletter is circulated via email and then available to view on the school website. Copies are also available for students to take home (who do not have email access). These are available at the school office.

There are many ways in which we encourage Parents/Caregivers to be actively involved in their student’s education at Thames High School:

  • Serving as a member of the Board of Trustees
  • Serving as a Sports Coach/Assistant
  • Serving as a Sports Manager
  • Supporter on the sideline
  • Transporting students to venues
  • Joining the Whānau Support Group
  • Volunteering to assist with school camps
  • Assisting with curriculum field trips
  • Assisting with cultural group activities
  • Volunteering/offering your skills and expertise.

Communications with the Appropriate Staff

The list below is simply a guide to areas of responsibility. We hope parents will feel free to contact the office to make appointments should they so desire.

Absence notes, etc.: Rōpū/Whānau Kaitiaki (Teacher)
Curriculum issues/Learning Difficulties: Dean and/or Rōpū/Whānau Kaitiaki (Teacher)
Discipline/Uniform concerns: Dean/ Deputy Principals
Guidance: Guidance Counsellor
Careers: Careers Adviser

If for any reason parents feel that their contact has not been successful and wish to follow through further, please contact the Principal.