Updates for Whānau 10 April

10 April 2020

Kia ora e te whānau,

I hope this message finds you and your whānau fit and well and are spending quality time with each other over the Easter break, before we prepare for the start of Term 2. We appreciate all the support by whānau to get into regular learning routines again, helping to supervise learning and ensure online safety.


Currently the COVID-19 Alert Level 4 is due to remain in place until Thursday 23 April with any decision to change that expected on Monday 20 April. Schools and kura will be open for instruction from Wednesday 15 April with the teaching and learning taking place remotely. The Ministry of Education updated schools yesterday evening. We are including relevant information within this panui, along with the plans we have made to date, hence the timing of this update.]

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Kaiako / teachers for all their work on the Online Learning Plan for Thames High. We also appreciate the support that we have received from whānau during these challenging times.

As always we will follow Government advice on what happens beyond the next two weeks. The Ministry of Education has indicated that once a decision on whether or not the Alert Level will change they will give some guidance as to what Alert Level 3 will require. We will always update you as soon as we know what the implications are for our school and community.  What we do know is that any transition to Level 3 is not expected to be immediate, allowing time to prepare the school for any return.

Accessing learning

Over the last couple of weeks we have helped the Ministry of Education to gather information about those students needing a device or internet access. We have been advised that provision of available school devices is the first option, and will be in contact once we have a confirmed plan. Other options are to supplement the hardcopy resources that some taiohi / students were provided with other materials that the Ministry has provided. If circumstances have changed from what we knew at the end of Term One (and you haven’t yet contacted us), please make contact with Carolyn Green (contact details below).

Online Learning Plan

We have updated the guidelines taiohi/students for how the online learning will happen commencing Wednesday 15 April. Please follow this link to our Online Learning page on our website.

As for normal schooling we need to monitor attendance and progress with the learning / lessons that have been put in place. This includes that we ask you to follow normal processes should taiohi / students become unwell and unable to complete school work. Each Kaiako/ teacher will have a tracking sheet for every class to monitor that taiohi/students are going online and attempting to do the work. We will be in contact if this is not happening in order to work together to find a solution. We appreciate early contact with our Attendance Officer (attend@thameshigh.school.nz) and/or Kaitiaki / Deans to advise of any issues or ways we can support learning from home. Please refer to contact details on our website.

We will also have learning support staff available to give more help to those taiohi/students who are experiencing any difficulties with the work. The Online Learning page has some links to ways to access support if you have concerns about wellbeing. Our School Counsellor, Susan McInnes, is also available to provide confidential support; please contact at susanmcinnes@thameshigh.school.nz.

If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact one of the Senior Leadership Team.

Matua Michael Hart at michaelhart@thameshigh.school.nz
Whaea Maria at mariabaird@thameshigh.school.nz
Natalie O’Neil at natalieoneil@thameshigh.school.nz
Carolyn Green at carolyngreen@thameshigh.school.nz
Sharyn Baker at sharynbaker@thameshigh.school.nz

On behalf of the Senior Leadership Team we wish you a safe and happy Easter.

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