Sport Volunteers – we need you!


Welcomes Expressions of Interest for

Thames High School is always looking for Sport Volunteers to give our students quality sporting experiences. We require volunteers for many different roles, coach, manager, organiser, team contact, van driver or someone to supervise an informal sport get together. 

Expressions of interest:  2021 Sport Volunteer Application package needs to be completed if you are able to Coach, Manager, organise a sporting code. 

Further details regarding each sporting code can be found on the THS website Sport Information page and facebook page, or by emailing or collecting from the school office.

Applications Close on 19th of February 2021

Thames High School Creating Quality Experiences:

  • INSPIRE by focusing on the improvements, recognising the effort and not the outcome, mistakes are necessary for growth 
  • CONNECT by including everyone unconditionally, encouraging friendship, care and empathy. 
  • EMPOWER them to share their ideas, be involved with decision making 
  • RESPECT shown through role modelling and encouragement of self-control and integrity by taking responsibility for our actions, property and environment 
  • MODIFY their games to help them learn through discovery in play 
  • BALANCE a variety of sports, school and friend times. 

Development of the Thames High School Student

At Thames High School we aim to provide quality experiences for all who wish to engage in sport or active recreation through an environment that is development focused. 

Thames High School encourages all who partake in sport will be provided: 

  • A Fun, safe and development focused environment 
  • Opportunities to try new sports when available 
  • Opportunity to develop their skills in competition games with equal game times throughout the duration of the season
  • Opportunities to learn and be challenged to further develop their skills in a safe and caring environment 
  • Encouragement to be engaged in positive movement that meets their needs
  • Not disadvantaged for playing more than one sport.

Thames High School thanks you for helping to create quality experiences and supporting our Balance is Better environment.