Technology Box Creations

The task was to make a box for our Technology project, here is what Lauren has to say about working on this.
‘We learnt about the importance of right angles, straight cuts and finishing skills. We created a box with a sliding lid and made sure the nail holes were filled with a mix of sawdust and glue.  I chose to paint the outside of my box and then detail with a sharpie on the inside. The aim of this box was to hold a game or puzzle that we created.
I decided to make a jigsaw puzzle. I drew my own picture and then scanned it into the computer. I then had to make a mirror image of my drawing so when I printed it and pasted it on my wooden lid,  it would come out the correct way. I pasted over the image completely, let t dry overnight, then I got to make the magic happen. Using a small amount of water on my fingers, I rubbed the paper. As the paper rubbed off the image was left on my wooden box lid.
Mr Slaney set the laser cutter to make my image into a jigsaw overnight. The next morning we found that I had a ‘double lined’ the jigsaw edges so I had to take off all the extra edges around each puzzle piece.
So that would complete my puzzle pieces, so if I was giving this away to my friends, I would have a puzzle pieces inside my box with the image of the puzzle makes on the lid.’ (Lauren Harrison, Year 9)
Other students created maze puzzles, a chess game, jingo all to do with using woodwork tools and learning new skills especially about right angles.