Glamour & Good Behaviour in the Spotlight with PB4L Oscar Awards

Students found a bit of extra glitz and glamour at school recently as teachers transformed into Hollywood stars to present the first-ever Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) Oscar Awards. The awards recognise students “who keep on getting caught doing the right thing,” said principal Dave Sim. 

The national PB4L programme brings a school-wide approach to valuing respect for others, learning, environment and self. Teachers emphasise these values in a variety of ways, and students receive “loyalty cards” (similar to the popular coffee shop cards) that teachers and staff stamp when they catch students putting these values in action. The Oscars bring a light-hearted approach to celebrating this consistently kind and respectful behaviour.

Teacher Mary Sorby explained that since Thames High School began the PB4L program five years ago, such respectful behaviour has become the norm. Data show that discipline referrals have gone down “quite dramatically” during that time with remarkably positive outcomes across the school. “We’re really noticing that it’s making a difference,” she said. 

Congratulations this year’s PB4L Oscar winners and all the students who quietly exemplify these ideals each day.